Extension Features

Highly capable and easy to use. Featuring intuitive interface and a few highly performant, but powerful features.

Blazingly fast

The internal logic that manipulates the video is written in plain JavaScript, has a tiny footprint and is blazingly fast.

Limitless platforms

Not limited to any specific video streaming platform. Aims to work everywhere, including embeddable videos.

Minimal interface

Thoughtful design that doesn't get in your way, but provides you with all the necessary options to get the experience you deserve.

Adaptive appearance

Automatically applies the appearance that you have set as personal system preference. If your system is in light or dark mode, the extension will be too.


Single source of truth, available for all major browsers and tested on Chrome & Firefox. It works in all Chromium based browsers as well.

Magic touch

Toggle between modes with built-in pinch inwards/outwards functionality. It is working on touch screens, trackpads with multi-touch gesture support and also with a mouse-wheel in combination of holding CTRL key on your keyboard.


Supports handful of languages, but aiming to support all major languages with the help of the community.

Keyboard shortcuts

Customizable within the browser built-in interface, rather than extension's interface, to avoid conflicts with other extensions.

Most Recent Reviews

Don't just take my word for it, read what others have to say about UltraWideo.

Firefox Add-ons

The only one that worked ootb with my 4:3 screen.

– spayder26
Chrome Web Store

This is currently the only extension that really works, in all situations, on any website. All others I've tried have issues.

– Manuel Rochon
Chrome Web Store

Must have extension for removing black bars on a browser!

– Bryant Echeverria
Chrome Web Store

Good new update, new branding, probably new code underlying the extension. Works as expected!

– Cedi
Firefox Add-ons

Works as expected and solves the annoying fact that Dinsey+ doesn't support ultrawide monitors.

– Jorge
Chrome Web Store

Brilliant, does exactly what it says it'll do and provides a nice UI and shorcut buttons to enable. UPDATE: Can I give you a 6th star since this also works for Xbox Cloud Gaming?!

– Neil Stirton
Firefox Add-ons

One of those extensions that you forget you even have installed, because it really should just be how things work. Then you go to another browser and enter Letterbox Hell™️ before remembering how dang useful it is.

– Potts
Chrome Web Store

Straight to the purpose, stretch your videos to hide annoying black bars, immediate 5 STARS

– Darith Chan
Chrome Web Store

finally my search is over, proper ultrawidescreen on all videos however I choose

– Riaz Ali
Chrome Web Store

Essential to have with a 21/9 screen, works very well on Youtube, Netflix, etc...

– Fabian Bustori
Firefox Add-ons

Best extension for video full screen view in mobile

– pM
Firefox Add-ons

Really nice extension.. Works like a magic for new Firefox android

– Sheikh Azharuddin

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